For a newer company that started in late 2001, Master Deck Builders has achieved goals that normally takes years to do. From over 10 years of experience in building decks, Master Deck Builders has created clientele with staggering satisfaction. Each deck building season brings new and improved goals for Master Deck Builders to fulfill.

Our intention is to provide 100% satisfaction to each of our customers. We do this by building structurally sound decks at an economical price. We make every project customized to fit each client’s taste. Master Deck Builders provides state of the art computer aided design so that clients can see a detailed picture of how their new deck will look in their yard. Along with knowing what our customers expect of our service and quality of work, we also know that the work we do reflects greatly on the value of your property.

Master Deck Builders is growing in popularity mostly on behalf of our work ethics. We know that each customer has basic needs. Those needs are to be informed, have confidence in the contractor, and to have no inconveniences. We meet these needs by having the owner that does your bid, do your project. This allows solid communication between homeowner and contractor. Also, we use only the highest quality of products available. The products we use are made to exceed city code requirements, and also are able to withstand the harsh environmental changes in the Heartland. With the owners having built over 1000 decks, they have a wealth of problem solving knowledge, and experience of different products and materials. Last but not least, we put the inconvenience of a home improvement project on us. We go out of our way to keep your yard safe and clean at the end of every workday. We will take care of the permit applications if requested. Most of all we will start your project when we say we will, and we will get done in a reasonable time according to your projects needs.

There are a lot of dishonest contractors in the world today, we know that. This is why we will do whatever it takes to give you confidence in us. We have a long list of past projects we have done that you can call for information on us. We also can make arrangements to have you take a look at a project in progress, or one we have done in the past. Give us a call at 402-334-1918, and let us be a part in your home improvement needs.

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